Creating a Facebook page for your Chamber allows build awareness of your Chamber, engages members and connects your community. Here are 10 simple steps to set up your Chamber on Facebook.

#1: Log Into Facebook

To create your Chambers Facebook page you will need to have a personal Facebook account to setup a business page. We recommend having a dedicated chamber email address for all social media account setups including Facebook. By using a chamber email address such as instead of a personal address, the chamber will always have access to the accounts if there should ever be any changes. Your email provider should be able to assist you with creating a new email account.


#2: Create a PageLawton Publishing - Create a Facebook Business Page

Once you have logged into your personal account, go to The two types of Facebook pages common for Chambers of Commerce are Company, Organization or Institution and Local Business or Place. So what is the difference?

The Company, Organization or Institution Page is best if people don’t visit your location, or if your events are always someplace different.

Local Business or Place is right if people physically visit your location such as restaurants or hospitals. When you choose this option, visitors can check in which appears on your Page, their Timeline, and their friends News Feed which helps get the word our about your Chamber.



#3: Choose Your Category and Add Location Info

Lawton Publishing - Facebook Create Business Page Add Category


In this section you will need to add your chambers information and choose a category. While there are no categories specific for chambers, common options for chambers are ‘Community/Government’ or ‘Business Services’.









#4: Setup Information

Add categories such as Business Services and Community Organization, a description, Chambers website, and the URL for your Facebook page. Having keywords in your page name is also helpful when users are searching for your chamber i.e. use Lawton Chamber of Commerce instead of Lawton COC. All of these options help your chambers Facebook page be found. This section can be skipped and edited at any time.FacebookSetupInformation


You can add up to 6 categories for your Chamber. There’s no limit to the number of times you can change the category of your Page.



The description is limited to 155 characters showing. Anything after 155 characters will not show in the blurb when visitors first see the site. We recommend adding the most important information about your Chamber here such as your Chambers website and mission statement.


Facebook URL

This will be the URL for visitors going straight to your Facebook page. Once this is set, you can only change it once. These names are also not transferable which reinforces using a Chamber email address specific for all social media accounts and not a personal email account for setup.



#5: Profile Picture

The profile picture is the image that appears next to every post from your page. The ideal size is 160px by 160px. Anything larger than that will be adjusted to a centered viewing area.


#6: Add to Favorites

This adds a link for quick access on your personal page. You can find your favorites on the top left column of your account. This way you can easily access the page at anytime. This step can be skipped and added/removed at any time.





#7: Reach More People

This step is for setting up advertising on Facebook. To find out more about advertising on Facebook visit



You’ve now created your Chambers new Facebook page. Here are a few other things to get your Chambers page ready share.


#8:  Add Cover PhotoCoverPhoto1

On your newly created page click ‘Add a Cover’, Upload Photo, select photo, and drag the image left or right to adjust the alignment of the image. The cover photo has to be a minimum of 399px wide with the ideal size being 851px by 315px. If you use a standard photo, the image may be cropped to fit in the space.




#9: About Section


In step 4 you setup your short description for your Chamber. Now you will want to complete the information about your Chamber in the About Page. You can find this by clicking About, Page Info. Here you can add information such as hours of operation, parking, and email addresses. The long description is a great place to include things like Chamber and community history, awards and mission statement.

Tip: Since the About Page is indexed in Google, you want to make sure you optimize the content using keywords and search friendly text.












#10: Manage Settings

In settings you can manage all of your settings including who can post to your timeline, tagging ability, and merge pages. To access your page settings click ‘Settings’ located at the top of your page. Some highlights below:

General Permissions

By default, the permissions are setup but for a new page we recommend changing the Profanity Filter to strong and the Posting Ability to ‘Review posts by other people before they are shown on my Page’.

Create an Admin of your Page

You may want to have multiple administrators for your Facebook page. To create an admin in settings, go to page roles and type their name and click where it says Admin to change what type of role you would like them to have. If the person is not showing up, make sure that the individual you want to give permission to has liked your Chambers page.

To find out more information on Facebook Settings, visit




The biggest reason is you are at risk of being deleted. Other reasons include access to Facebook insights, tabs and contests, offers, available advertising, profiles are limited to 5,000 friends just to name a few.

Facebook groups are spaces where you can share updates, photos or documents and message other group members. You can find out more about Facebook Groups at

Some companies have their own apps that you can easily add to Facebook creating custom tabs on your page. Lawton Publishing can also help you add custom tabs specific to content you would like to feature such as Events, Newsletters and Photo Galleries. Contact us to find out more.

Yes you can! You can do that by visiting:

Note: When switching pages, friends will be added as people who like your page and profile photo will transfer but that’s it. Any wall posts, comments, or likes are removed. Also any applications you have linked will lose connection.



Your page is now up and running, ready for Likes! What questions do you have about getting started? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook.