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The Lawton Team brings over 75 years of publishing experience to every directory project.  You can depend on us to work with your chamber on increasing non-dues revenue and presenting a consistent image throughout your marketing strategy.  Our goal is to lighten your work load through superior customer service, a unique and easy to use online proofing and approval system, and providing your chamber with an award-winning publication by our in-house design team.  A digital edition of your directory is included with every printed publication, and as a directory customer you have the opportunity to receive a complimentary website.  From small to large chambers, we have directory options to meet your chamber’s branding needs.

We offer various listing combinations in the directories we produce for chambers. This published listing information is based on the individual preference of each chamber. The listing considerations are:

Membership Roster – an alphabetical listing of all members by business name and with pertinent company information.

Business Directory – a comprehensive listing of all members by business category.

Who’s Who – a complete alphabetical list of all chamber representatives by individual member name, along with their company affiliation and pertinent information.

Other Types of Guides

Community Guides

A guide is a full-color publication focused on the economic and cultural life of the area. The editorial information, along with full color photographs, present a community image to attract visitors, newcomers, and/or new businesses.

Combo Publications

This publication format was developed by Lawton Publications to provide our chamber partners with a membership directory and a community guide using one sales campaign. The directory/community guide is published as one product and can be used by chamber members as a business-to-business tool. An overprint of the four-color editorial section can be used as a Visitor Guide, Newcomers’ Guide, Relocation Resource Guide, or just merely a Community Guide.

Online Digital Publications

Our online chamber directory, or what we call eBooks, are replicas of the printed publication you publish with Lawton Publishing. By offering an online chamber directory version of these traditionally printed materials, you reveal new ways to boost revenue, increase audience engagement and create unique digital image for their brands. The ads purchased in the printed publication will be featured as they appear in the printed document with any links on the ads becoming clickable. Advertisers will be able to access online publication statistics.

Examples of an Online Chamber Directory

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